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After 1 full year with safeco, my husband's vehicle wouldn't start, 23 miles from home, in a town with no cell service. (We live in the mountains). He called for a tow and the extremely rude agent that he spoke to, told him they'd tow him 15 miles and dump him off in the middle of no where alongside a narrow road/river. :/ our house was 23 miles away, and by policy, the nearest service station was actually another 14 miles. So technically we... Read more

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My car was rear ended on April 26 2016, by someone that has Safco Insurance. I have called a Safco agent 7 times and her answering service is as good as it gets. She has never returned any of my calls. I need my car fixed, but Safco doesn't care. Add comment

I had tiles depreciated to 20year tiles from 30 tiles and the siding on the house looked liked Swiss cheese after the hail storm. Safe co believed that it would only cost 4K to replace and fix everything. So they sent me a 2.3k check after my deductible. Everyone else on my street recieved 20k for repairs. I have to go hire a public Adjustor now. This is great. Add comment

Someone backed into my car in in a parking lot last week. They had Safeco insurance. My car isn't even fixed yet and this whole process has been a nightmare. My insurance was able to get the Safeco adjuster's name, number, and claim number. This was last Wednesday. I have tried calling several times a day each day and the adjusters mailbox is ALWAYS full and I cannot leave a message. I called general customer service, who forwarded me to her... Read more

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I live in a townhouse complex where all of the residents share a common roof. My townhouse is the third unit from the end. After a recent storm I and two of my neighbors all had leaks that cased our ceilings to collapse. That is the neighbor next to me, 2nd unit from the end and the neighbor next to him, the end unit. We all have $1000 dollar deductibles, both of my neighbors received more than $3000 for repairs, I received $300 for the damages... Read more

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After 4 months messing with Safco for a home owners claim The job is maybe half done. Please whatever you do stay away from safco Add comment

Absolutely garbage; I've had many policies before, this was by far the worst. Nearing three weeks since I filed the claim and still have not received the payment. Had to pay out of pocket for now since the shop held my car for more than a week since they did not receive the payment. I live in Houston; agent was Lisa Marx out of New Jersey. Never had an agent more rude or carefree when it came to customer service. Absolutely horrible customer... Read more

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Safeco Insurance homeowner policies include coverage for losses resulting from dry rot or wet rot. Safeco then denies coverage for these events claiming that the condition existed for more than "weeks". By its very nature, it takes months for dry rot or wet rot to form. Safeco is selling insurance coverage and then excluding every possible means by which the covered event can exist. We are investigating the possibility... Read more

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I would like to open a complaint against Cheryl Nevil Poland Agent. West Tawakoni, TX. Receptionist-Linda Brookins Add comment

Safeco Homeowner's Insurance is a scam and a rip-off. If you do not pay your own Homeowner's Insurance and Property Taxes but instead, escrow through your lender, you probably don't realize that Safeco increases your Homeowner's Insurance rates every year by 9-15%, without a valid explanation, even when you are "claim-free". My agent refused to explain the increases over the past couple of years and the office of the President was extremely... Read more

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