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I was driving down a main road going straight when their insured pulled out of a business and hit me directly in the side of my vehicle. The other driver was issued a ticket for failure to yield right of way and the police report clearly states she was at fault and they are denying my claim!!

Small claims court here I come this is so unbelievable I am speechless I do not understand how these people sleep at night knowing that their job is to screw innocent people over all day long!!!

I am a believer in karma but I also believe in the judicial system double whammy!! I will see them in court!!

Review about: Safeco Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I'm in the same situation. On 12/17/14 their driver Alan j Hyder ran a red left turn and pulled in front of me when I was going straight.

There was nothing I could do. I have off duty detective pull over and clearly state that he was at guilt. Saefco is denying the claim, stating that my speed was not safe. Although, I was clearly traveling the right speed.

I'm so disappointing to see insurance agents act so careless.

The agents at Saefco are trained to screw people over. At end of the day, life is short. They should not screw people over like this.

I'm pretty sure the insurance adjuster will pay for what she's doing, if not her, her loved one will pay eventually.

Not sure whom you guys dealt with but my adjuster was Natasha Staley. Her boss is Teressa Thomas


Safeco strung me along, their reps are rude and take forever to accomplish their job; they determine 90/10 liability in an accident clearly 100/0 and then keep saying, go thru your own agency-which is exactly their goal.

It requires arbitration, waiting for an unguaranteed result, or taking it to small claims court.

Where is the attorney general on this company?

They are clearly unethical and illegal in what they are doing.

I got hit by a 17 year old kid who doesn't understand the word "yield" and what it means.


I am also on my way to the small claims court; hopefully they give out numbers there so I will not have to wait long in the SAFECO claims line.


My mother was driving down a quiet street when a driver pulling out of a parking space hit her. She was driving at the normal speed for a residential street and she didn't even see the guy even use his turn signal.

I arrived on the scene shortly after the accident and he tells me "I thought your mother wanted the parking space and that was why I was hurrying - I guess she didn't want to wait" Fact: my mother didn't want a parking space on that street;she was on her way to Safeway which has its own parking lot. The other day we received a letter from Safeco saying that their investigation was completed and they found my mother at fault and would be seeking payment for their insured's damages. We were completely in shock. This man made a wrong assumption that my mother wanted his parking space and he was hurrying, he told me.

You cannot assume what is on the minds of other drivers; you have to follow the vehicle code, otherwise, accidents like this will occur. All my mother did was drive down a street and this person did not yield to her and caused the accident and my mother is at fault? We are very upset to say the least. It is not the money but the principle.

The facts of the case clearly shows the Safeco insured driver is at fault. We are not a litigious family but this is wrong on so many levels. We are going to fight this in court if need be, but I want to see if we can go through an arbitration process. My brother saids to go to the media and I think it is a good idea but want to try the arbitration process first.

I want the driver to come to court and have him make his statement in a court of law because no way, if he is telling the truth, would my mother be the one at fault.

This has been very upsetting and my mother was ill because of the stress of it all. You have to believe in karma because justice is sometimes denied because of lies and unethical practices.

to Anonymous #917352

I'm sorry to hear what happened to your mother. Saefco is a huge fraud.

I hope everything works out. The people wrong doing your family, I hope god gives them what they deserve.

Naugatuck, Connecticut, United States #780869

Almost the exact same situation myself. I was at a 4 way intersection my light was red...

I was STOPPED, as the light turned green we looked left... looked right, looked left again and began to proceed through the intersection toward the highway on ramp. About midway through the intersection you don't gain much speed in a 25 foot radius... I looked to my right i was the passenger...

(my bf was driving my car)I yelled babe, car and at that point they struck my car sending my vehicle 50-75 feet to the left of the on ramp, and my car took the HUGE on ramp sign out of the ground. The at fault driver admitted to running the red light doing about 50 mph. but since the owner of the vehicle wasn't the one driving, ( owner lives in North Carolina, the car is registered in North Carolina but the owners daughter was the front seat passenger of the car...) her daughter was the passenger and her daughters boyfriend was the driver. the owner is claiming the vehicle was being driven without permission.

But if she isn't allowed to use the car why isn't the car which is owned by her and registered in south carolina, in south carolina with its owner... not making much sense... but anyhow the owner wants to deny my claim stating that her daughter and her daughters boyfriend were not allowed to drive the car. which isn't fair cus they were in fact driving it and if they didn't hit me my brand new BMW wouldn't be totaled right now.

Totally not cool that, excuse my language, im getting the *** end of the stick when all i did was do as any driver would do while leaving a red light and going to get on the highway... I have been dealing with nonstop *** for a week and a half now. From them not returning their insurance companies phone calls to them taking their vehicle from the auto lot before an adjuster could inspect it, to the plates from the vehicle that they hit me in being on a different car that is not registered or insured.. They are being so fraudulent and i have told all this info to their insurance company and they are just getting away with it..

What can i do to at least get my car replaced? Im only 20 years old i have a 2 1/2 year old i just lost my job because i have no transportation I'm in a really *** place and no one is doing anything to help me when i didn't do anything wrong.


Their billing practices leave a lot to be desired as well. They will send you a bill with one date on it, but then, just before due date, send you another one with an earlier due date!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #660001

Safeco customer hit my car which my daughter was driving. Elderly lady turned left in front of my daughter from a business driveway.

Daughter hit the brakes but couldn't fully stop in time.

Their insurance adjuster ducked my calls for a week until I called the independent agent who sold the elderly lady the policy. He interceded and the adjuster finally called me back but claimed my daughter was 20% at fault so they would only pay 80% of the estimate.

I called his supervisor who wouldn't do a thing. So I am either stuck paying 20% of the repair bill or hire a lawyer. These guys are shysters pure and simple.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #648465

Don't get hit by a Safeco insured! Their client was clearly at fault, but Safeco is delaying, denying and dropping the ball on my claim.

It's been 30 days and they've done exactly nothing on repairing my car, besides sending out an adjuster. They claim they can't get in touch with the insured...The claim agent is nasty, rude, lazy and useless to me at this point. My insurance company (Geico) can't do anything until Safeco does their job.

What a goat rope. I'm afraid I'm going to be forced to hire an attorney.


Same thing happened to me. I was left with back and neck pain when a Safeco insured driver caused an accident that totaled my car.

They refused to talk to me at all.

I hired an attorney who nailed them to the wall and I was given a very large settlement! :)

San Diego, California, United States #633703

Pray hard that you never get hit by a driver who is insured by this company. They will ignore you for as long as they can, shunt you around to at least six different people, bully you, lie to you, claim everything is your fault for not "mitigating" their damages, then deduct their costs from the pittance of a settlement they eventually deem the least they can possibly get away with offering you.

Your only recourse is to take the driver to court, and bypass this insurance company all together. Sad

Denver, Colorado, United States #619019

Yep, court is likely the best avenue for you. Generally insurance companies want to avoid court since it is not only costly but it is bad press, bad for business.

Plus their attorneys are more expensive than yours so it's even more pricey for them.

Either there are details you have left out which makes Safeco believe their insured is NOT at fault, or there is enough question that they think denying the claim will make you just go away.

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