This is what I wrote to Safeco after they tried to force me to put my boyfriend on my Home and Auto policy or sign an exclusion so he can NEVER drive my car

To whom it may concern,

Please see my policy information below to reference:

Since I have to sign an exclusion on Rory, I will just be cancelling my policy. I will call back to cancel this later this week. I just CANNOT afford to have it to where he would not be covered on my policy/excluded. Other insurances do what is know as Non-rated. I know that he does not have to be under my policy by law, because both him and I lived with his mother before I bought the house and had that address listed on our liscense and did not have to have her policy for our vehicles. He drives my car about 2 times a year and the likelihood of him getting into an accident it slim, however, This is not a chance that I can take. Please let your superiors know that this is a BIG problem. I will be posting this on my social media sites and the internet and will be sure to let others know this about this new company. I was really excited to learn that I could save money through your company, until I actually had your policy. It has been a non-stop nightmare ever since I signed on with Safeco. That is really unfortunate and I feel bad that you will lose some business because of it. I will however make it a point to get this information out there to other people, because the headache that you have put my through was absolutely AWEFUL. You can make up all of the excuses that you want, but unless you send me an email stating that you are looking into this, don't bother.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeco Insurance Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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