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I had full coverage on my home with Safeco Insurance. A pipe burst inside my bathroom and for 3 days the house soaked with water running throughout the house. From the beginning, their adjusters had no intention of being fair.They figured out how much I had paid in Premiums and that is what they wrote me a check for. You cannot renovate a house for $17,000.

Then the house suffered a structural failure where a structural beam under stress bent. Safeco sent over Rimkus Engineering to inspect for the cause of the failure. All they were doing was looking for a way out of the claim. This clown did not have any supporting data to prove that waater from an outside area caused my house to shift. I hired an Engineer and he looked and found the beams that had bent and supported the data 100% using Servepros data. The beam had a moisture content of 40%. Smoking gun.

Long story short, Safeco even denied my loss of use for 9 months and the Ms Insurance commission is worthless. The total damages to my house is easily $65,000. I have so far only received $39,500. I have spent $47,000. The house is not finished

Thanks for nothing Safeco. I will never own another Homeowners Policy . Why pay for a Policy if they will not honor the Policy.

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"rarely have I found a company try to get out of paying a legit claim"

What rock have you been living under?

Check out www[dot]troubleshooter[dot]com for a reality check.

OTOH, this is NOT "Insurance Fraud".

Insurance Fraud would be if someone ran water through their house for 3 days because they couldn't sell it and wanted an easy out.

BTW, 3 DAYS?!?!?

So was the homeowner incapacitated for all this time?

to danindenver Fort Worth, Texas, United States #700139

I am an insurance adjuster. Never once have I not paid for a legitimate claim. Not once has any superior tried to get me to deny coverage on a legitimate claim.

Insurance adjusters and companies get a bad rap. Unfortunately there are things that are not covered under your homeowner policies.

to danindenver Houston, Texas, United States #1272062

Ok. Some safeco paid trolls running around this forum trying their best to destroy the argument. If insurance companies rarely try to get out of paying a legit claim, why do they lose so many law suits in court?


You had a pipe burst, with water running for 3 days - were you home? You have a responsibility to limit the damage, read your policy (contract)or apply common sense.


We are having the same problem.Our roof was leaking (we didn't know) but finally the ceiling in a bedroom closet came crashing down.

Two roofing companies said there was a lg hole caused by ice damage (everyone took pictures of this hole)that was causing the leak. Safeco hired an Engineer to say the leak wasn't coming from the obvious hole is was coming from incorrectly installed flashing. We filed the claim in April 2011, the Engineer didn't even come out until September and we got the report in October.

We are still fighting over the damaged clothes, carpets &custom closet shelf damage.We have asked our agent to find us another company.


Your comments sound horrible from the outside, but rarely have I found a company try to get out of paying a legit claim. I suspect there was far more to this story that hasn't been revealed.


This is not an uncommon occurance.Your best bet is to hire a Public Adjuster to represent you.

We know how the system works and how to enforce the terms of the policy.

If you are in PA or MD, let me know and I'll arrange a meeting with you to explain the details.We work on a contingency fee basis, so there is no charge to talk.



En la fecha Noviembre 2 del año 2005


CERTIFICADO # 20611836.

238140 Masonry Contractors

Trabaje para el contrato # RMC. 611699001 Proyecto mame and locación

183.-IH-35 Proyecto del Estado Austin Texas

Haciendo una Inversión de 101,560.50 dólares Ciento un mil quinientos sesenta

Punto cincuenta dólares

y siendo Recibidos los invoises por la compañía de a seguranza

Safeco Insurance Company of America Bond # 6342851.


Noviembre 14 2005

Esta compañía Reconoció que avía Recibido los cobros de esta suma de

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y hasta esta fecha 09-04-2011 safeco no a pagado estas labores

creo que a esto también se le puede llamar fraudes en seguros por safeco

att Wilberto Montiel



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