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Update by user Dec 18, 2014

this update includes finding out on november 24th by the tow company that they now own the car they filed for a abandon title and the stat gave it to them not even caring the car wasnt completely abandon now i wil make a settlement price for SafeCO to add another 10,000 to pay and fully make everyone happy to include payin of the rest of what is on the car, the tow conpany, to get my license reinstated, and court costs to assoicate with this who thing so now instead of only 10,000 it should now be 20,000. i'm sick n tired of being played by safe co and everyone else

Update by user Nov 25, 2014

now according to what i found out on November 24th 2014 is that since the tow company has had the car for more then 30 days they've filed for a abandonment title and that my drivers license is about to be revoked. NO THIS IS NOT RESOLVED THEY NEED TO PAY UP AND PAY FAST BEFORE NOT ONLY DO I SUE THE STATE AS WELL AS THE TOW COMPANY BUT THEM AS WELL THIS IS RIDICULOUS

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2014

I was involved in a car accident on September 24th 2014 in which the who i had hit was uninsured and driving when he took off from the scene of the accident he got out of his vehicle and commented he did not have insurance and that he was going back to jail, he took off when i called 9-1-1 and reported the accident. fire n rescue along with the Colorado springs police department came well i was being looked over by the fire n rescue the officer at the scene stated since i rear ended the other driver and that he was ticketing me and giving me a collision report we manage to get his plates before he took off.

after the fire n rescue did their job the officer looked and verified i had insurance. i called and filed a claim and the adjuster has only called me once stating the policy was inactive and they could do nothing about my car nor the injuries that occurred. i'm fighting the ticket at the moment and all lawyers i have talked to are refusing to help me with the insurance company cuz the fault was supposedly on me. now this afternoon October 24th 2014 i called my finance company to talk to my case manager and was filled in they themselves contacted the insurance company and they were told "we're not paying anything, she was driving uninsured" been sitting here looking for a lawyer who would take the case and help me fight over the loss of my vehicle and the emotional stress this who situation has put me and my family under.

knowing i could win with help. not being told nothing til i call places and get turned down to help me fight my insurance claim. when the accident occurred my boyfriend, our 13 month old son n i was in the car. no severe injuries other then the airbags deploying leaving marks on my boyfriend n i.

now i'm getting headaches upon headaches trying to get everything situated when no one is willing to help me and my family. according to the policy we had GAP, Uninsured motorist and both cars n drivers insured paying for the month of April 2014 173 rounded to the nearest dollar and 143 after. I've been solidly paying a total of 180 a month since we began with them and they are claiming we have not made payments and that is the reason why, tho the agent I've been making payments to faxed over all recites n notes to the adjuster and nothing has came out of anything so far except the judge in the 1st arraignment to be on my side and why the other driver only had to take a statement when they found him. our next court day is set for December 4th 2014 on the ticket.

does anyone know who would help my family and i get what is needed now? maybe not right away but to know there is help all we need is people to help

Review about: Safeco Insurance Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Your agent shouldn't be faxing receipts to an adjuster, they should be faxing them to the company. It sounds like you were, in fact, uninsured.

Whether it's due to agent error or not, I'm not sure.

Everything that has happened to you is exactly the reason people are supposed to have insurance. Pay your *** bills and quit coming online to gripe that you're not getting paid...

to Anonymous #1024783

look u mofo i'm not worried about getting *** paid. they need to pay the rest of the GAP insurance that i was paying for the insurance.

o yeah how is it the police vailiadated the car insurance before calling the tow company.

YES I HAD VAILIDATED INSUREANCE and if you we're the law look into suit your *** self and prove me even more right. so u dont like what i have to said or post then get the *** off this site cuz its called pissedoffconsumer.com for a reason to get things settled...


Why don't you learn to type a competent sentence. You make no sense ***

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