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Someone from Safeco called about six months ago to tell me that I had moss on my roof and it needed to be cleaned and when it was done to send pictures to show that it had been done. The moss removal was done within the week but no pictures were sent I figured that if they could come out and see that the roof had moss they could come and see that it didn't.

I got a notice November 18th telling me that my insurance was being cancelled do to maintenance concerns presented by moss growth on the roof and that the action in part on information provided by Mueller Services Ino in Tonawanda, NY I live in Washington State. Anyone can tell you that if you live in this state and you have trees near your house you are going to have moss growth.

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Columbia Falls, Montana, United States #592821

When an insurance company asks you for photos, provide them. They are not your babysitter.

I don't know why you assumed someone would come and look when you were told that they needed photos. Moss can cause eventual damage and the insurance company, in order to maintain your rates, they take caution for possible future loss. They don't do this just to save themselves money, they are also looking out for you, so you don't have a loss that can impact your premium down the road.

All you had to do was take a picture and send it in. That's all.

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