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Just finished doing the Right Track device with Safeco Insurance. In a three month span I had 12 hard braking, 1 very hard braking, 1 acceleration, and 1 late night ( out past midnight New Years) dings on my driving.

Ended up with 17% discount. From what I can see this discount will be applied on my next bill. I drove about 3500 miles, for me that was about twice as many miles as I normally drive. This was a new vehicle, and I drove like an old lady, because I wanted as big a discount I could get.

I'm Retired, so no driving in traffic or rush hour. The only way I could have done any better was to park the thing for three months. I was hoping to get 20-25%, figured if I really was careful I'd get that.

Over all, still worth it but be prepared for no better than what I got. If I did it again I would borrow someones car, park mine for three months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safeco Insurance Righttrack Tracking Device.

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[[Update]] The 90-day trial period has finished for the Right Track program with Liberty Mutual. As stated above, I only drove 5 miles to activate the device and get the 'clock' started, and parked it for the duration.

I just received confirmation yesterday of a 30% discount and a prorated dollar amount is being applied to my account due to overpayment. 90 days felt a long time to park my favorite car, but the discount will be worth it going forward, for as long as I own the policy, and adhere to the guidelines when selling and purchasing future vehicles.


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I tried the Liberty Mutual RightTrack version 18 months ago and got a 17% discount on "Car A". It was my daily driver.

"Car B" was parked most of the time and received a 28% discount. Now I'm driving "Car B" as my daily runner and re-doing only "Car A". I drove 'Car A' only once after the plug-in and now have it parked for the balance of the trial period. I am currently 1/3 of the way through the 90 days sitting on 30% discount.

"No Events, No Miles, No Time during the Day" equals higher discount. That's their rules. Do that if possible.

One car at a time and leave the trial car parked as much as possible. Problem solved!


I have a unique situation in my town. The city blocks are very short compared to big cities.

We have three traffic lights on three consecutive streets running the main drag north to south. The lights sometimes are impossible to hit because when a car comes from a side street the light will change to accommodate that car.

It many times causes quick stops to keep from running the light. Consider this with my fast breaking.


I received an "18%" discount but Safeco apparently doesn't know how to do math. My "18%" discount was good for $100 off of my $1100 policy. So it was really 9% off.

to Jon #1494697

It is because they typically already give you 5% to 10% for agreeing to be in the program.

to Jon #1539539

It's a pro-rated discount and will be applied in full upon policy renewal


I drove 2245.2 miles, had 1 rapid acceleration and 2 hard breaking in 90 days. Almost a perfect driving record.

They quoted me a bull *** 12% discount. The other car in the family drove 1469.6 miles, had 23 rapid accelerations and 128 hard breaking in 90 days. They quoted this driver a 13% discount.

Have complained to insurance agent and they are checking with Safeco, to date, NO ANSWER. Program is a scam/sham.


RightTrack offers a maximum discount of 20% so if you were hoping for more than that, you had bad information. PLUS...

If you already have other discounts applied to your policy, it is possible that you reached the cap of allowable discounts and 17% is all you could possibly earn. You may have gotten the full 20% from RightTrack, but you could only use 17% because of the capping. If it really bothers you that much, I would ask your agent to dig into your results and see why you only got 17%, but honestly, it would be a waste of everyone's time.

17% is 5% above the average discount of 12% nationwide. Take the 17%, be happy, and move along.


My family put in the Right Track devices 3 weeks ago. My husband drives over 100 miles a day, I drive about 20.

He travels in heavy Boston traffic, so has more hard breaking events than I do. My daughter's car only gets driving a couple days a week, for a total of about 50 miles. My husband's discount shows at 16% right now, and mine at 17%, and get this, my daughter's at 10%. It is also showing tracked mileage on days I know her car wasn't even driven.


I'll deal with it for the full 90 days, but I would never do it again. It's wildly inaccurate.

Naples, Florida, United States #1344064

I agree my husband each have the device and the only way they want you to get a reasonable discount is if you leave the vehicle parked in the garage. My husband's car sets in the garage not driven but maybe once a week and they still only want to give him only a 20% to 19% discount!

If you do not want the frustration dealing with the device and you have to deal with other people pulling out in front of you and when you have to pick up speed to proceed onto the interstate not worth your time!

It will rate you down just for driving your vehicle each day even if you do not have any hard brakes or acceleration! So if it is your only vehicle you have to get to work each day beware.

to p green #1345512

Let me get this straight... 20 percent is not good enough? Maybe you should ask for 100 percent discount while you are at it!

to Bob Dobolina 7 #1359589

Exactly .. greedy, greedy peeps

to p green #1391919

This is a DISCOUNT program. Don't use it, get 0% off.

Use it, drive the same way you always do, guaranteed a discount.

So what if it's not half off or something ridiculous. It's something for basically nothing (the hassle of plugging it in, I guess?)

to truecoug #1424639

I totally agree with you. Insurance is extremely high in Florida. I'll take any additional discount they want to give, and yes I have 87 more days to go with it plugged in

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