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Me and my kids were rear ended by someone insured by Safeco a year and a half ago.From day one they have called and harassed me and treated me like I was a criminal. It's been a year and a half and they still haven't paid my medical bills or my pain and suffering. I just spoke with them on the phone and they were very rude. I was asking for a new claim adjuster and they refused to give me a new one. A year and a half. I would never, ever give...
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Anonymous It sounds like it's time to hire an attorney. Let them fight the legal battle with them because that is what they are trained and licensed to do!! Let the experts fight them a...

They had Safeco insurance. My car isn't even fixed yet and this whole process has been a nightmare. My insurance was able to get the Safeco adjuster's name, number, and claim number. This was last Wednesday. I have tried calling several times a day each day and the adjusters mailbox is ALWAYS full and I cannot leave a message. I called general customer service, who forwarded me to her supervisor for assistance since he was "covering her calls"....
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Anonymous Adjusters direct supervisor just called me and was so nice. He told me that this was a hot mess, everything has been mismanaged, and this shouldn't be so complicated. He walke...


Anonymous Update: Also, just to note, the supervisor I had been speaking with, is apparently now on vacation. So now I have to correspond with my adjustors supervisor's covering supervi...

I didn't like
  • Bad business practices
  • Un-returned phone calls
  • Customer service
Absolutely garbage; I've had many policies before, this was by far the worst.Nearing three weeks since I filed the claim and still have not received the payment. Had to pay out of pocket for now since the shop held my car for more than a week since they did not receive the payment. I live in Houston; agent was Lisa Marx out of New Jersey. Never had an agent more rude or carefree when it came to customer service.Absolutely horrible customer...
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ela5436 Dealing with the same thing right now. I'm so irritated. A Safeco driver hit me and it took a week for me to even reach the adjuster because her mailbox has been full. A WEEK!...