Tiger Point, Florida

My 3 children, ages 18 to 12 were t-boned by a 17 year-driver who was speeding and ran a red light.It took 2 weeks for Safeco (the boys insurance), to total my girl's car and put the check in the mail.

They paid only 70% of its retail value. They also would not allow my daughter to have a rent car until 2 days after the wreck . Then they forced my daughter turn in the rent car 5 days before the check was even put in the mail. That is 7 days she had nothing to drive!

This not only forces me to pay more money to put her in a car, but also we only have 2 days to purchase and register a car before she has to drive 4 hours back to her college.

I feel like taking them to court but it will only cost me more time and money.I think they should change their name to CheatCo.


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Oak Park, California, United States #835144

If you are in California, you might try small claims court for up to $7500. I tried a few weeks ago and got a very decent settlement. It's a little scary but worth it.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #826035

Consider a claim for diminished value Safeco won't tell you about it you need to ask

Stafford, Virginia, United States #770871

Read your policy to see what you are entitled to and for how long

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